Time left until the second workshop:

First Workshop has started!
Important Dates
Enrollment Oct. 2nd- Dec. 5th
Admission announcement Dec. 12th
First Virtual Phase Dec. 12th- Jan. 3th
1st workshop Jan. 4th-6th
Second Virtual Phase Jan. 7th-July 21st
Holding 2nd workshop July 21st-23rd

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What is ESD?

Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) is an intensive training program consist of 2 workshops which will present solutions and initiatives for moving toward a green campus and executing green projects related to better management of water, energy and waste at the universities. Nowadays, green management and green campus are becoming important and major concern for the universities around the world.

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ESD in a Glimpse

The ESD is a training program consist of 2 workshops. The general process of ESD has been presented in the following flowchart. The workshops comprises some lectures by experts about various subjects about presentation and implementation of green projects which will be followed by group works and interactional sessions by participants to deepen their knowledge and learning with the presence

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